Beautiful, but…

They can be the “bane of my existence”, slight exaggeration, there. Their beauty brightens the dull December days leading up to the 25th, if I can keep them alive that long!  I am referring to the classic flower of Christmas: the poinsettia.


Every year, as far back as I remember, we have ordered three or four poinsettias from a local service club to support their fundraising efforts. The plants are delivered a few weeks later, wrapped in clear plastic sleeves, often on the coldest day of the season. Every year we admire their beauty and quality and colour. Usually, I place them on the floor in front of the Christmas tree to disguise the fact that the tree has no skirt. They really look lovely. Daily, I mist them and check if they need to be watered.

Today, I saw leaves were shrivelling and drying up and dropping; their beauty quickly fading! I really just want them to make it through the season, to December 31st! Did they get frost bitten? Poinsettias definitely don’t like the cold.


They can also be annoying. There is always one that straggles through the winter, continually needing to be watered and misted, long after the others have been relegated to the compost bin!



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