It’s Tomorrow!

The Christmas Marketplace at Roselawn Centre is being held tomorrow. Of all the pieces of vintagy, grungy, shabby chic items I’ve made for the sale, my top three favourites are:

the (tattered, torn, and stained) stockings,



the gift tags, that could be the gift



and the decorative, altered clocks.


It has been tremendous fun getting ready for this show; from designing the booth to choosing what to make, I have loved every part of it.

FORC Christmas Market Poster 2017-01 copy

A Colourful Transition

The wetter than normal spring and early summer that we enjoyed rewarded our garden with plentiful and beautiful hydrangea blooms. Over the course of the season the blooms changed colour  from brilliant blues to mauve to pinkish -green. Although I hate to cut any flowers, I know that the hydrangea bloom’s beauty can continue for months as they dry indoors. hydrangeas_colour-1-2hydrangeas_colour-1-3

I cut the stems to fit and removed most of the leaves before arranging in  shallow bowls. Because I want them to dry, I don’t put any water in the bowls


It’s coming soon! Hope to see you there:

FORC Christmas Market Poster 2017-01 copy