Goodbye, Summer, Goodbye

After having a relatively normal summer, weather -wise, followed by a delicious autumn tease the first week and half of September, summer roared back with a vengeance. This  uncomfortably hot, increasingly humid, and drought-like weather caught me off-guard. I had already washed and stored away all of our summer shorts and tee-shirts; I couldn’t help but wonder if the birds, many of whom had already migrated, felt confused as well. Were they regretting their decision to leave so early? With that thought, I was inspired to make this mixed media canvas:Bluebirds-1

For the focal image, I chose a picture of two bluebirds looking in opposite direction (from Tim Holtz’ “Layers botanical collection”). I prepared a 30 cm X 30 cm canvas with multiple layers of gesso, texture paste and acrylic paints, as well as snippets from Tim Holtz’ “ephemera pack”. Once the background was thoroughly dry, I glued the bluebirds and other pieces to the canvas with matte medium. I stamped the question “Which Way?” to a small scrap of chipboard and fixed it on the canvas to complete this project.

What about you? Are you enjoying this hot weather, or do you prefer cooler autumn temperatures?


The Missing Monarch

Not that many years ago, we saw so many Monarch butterflies at this time of year that we were oblivious to their presence. This year, sadly the numbers have declined so much that I could probably count on one hand the number I’ve seen. This alarming decline is attributed to several factors, including loss of habitat and increased use of pesticides and herbicides.

The significant absence of these beautiful insects was the inspiration for the following mixed media canvas:


I applied butterfly images from Tim Hotlz’ Ideology “Botanical Layers”, a vintage botanical print of a milkweed plant and chipboard butterflies and word onto the prepared layers of a 30 X30 cm canvas. The milkweed image had been printed on my laser printer and transferred onto the canvas using matte gel. I then used Derwent watercolour bars to give it some colour.


Back To School

Students returning to school for another year were the inspiration behind my most recent mixed media collage.

For the background,  I covered a 30cm canvas with layers of gesso, texture paste and paint. When it was completely dry, it was time for the fun part: putting the collage together. Looking through the Tim Holtz deck of “Found Relatives” I chose a vintage class photo as the focal image. (It could almost be one of my old school photos!) I added a floral cut-out from the Tim Holtz Ideology “Botanical Layers” as well as one of the muse tokens. School-2

All the collage elements were affixed to the background with Liquitex Matte Gel.

This is the completed, rather monochromatic canvas:


Wishing a successful year to all students and their teachers, too!