St.Patrick’s Day 2018

To all Irish and Irish at heart: have a happy day, for sure spring is on it's way! Our shamrock plant sits on a bright windowsill against a snowy backdrop. A friend bought these shamrock shaped chocolate-mint candies at a local farmers' market - an indulgence for later, today.


Romancing the Old

Living in an old house is not everyone's "cup of tea". However, I cannot ever remember wanting to live any where else but. I suppose  that is why one of my favourite things to do through the years has been to "go antiquing" with MH. Antique shops, flea markets, lawn sales and even auction sales …

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Valentine’s Day and Your Heart

In another life I think I must have been a bear, because I certainly do like to hibernate! Here we are at Valentine's Day 2018 and I have been neglecting this blog. Hopefully I haven't been neglecting my heart health though, getting daily exercise and watching my diet. February is Heart and Stroke Month and …

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A New Cookie Recipe

Every Christmas season I like to try one new  cookie recipe to add to our family celebration. This year I found a recipe for Chocolate-mint cookies in one of our local newspapers and knew it was the one! Chocolate-Mint Cookies 1 lb. dark semi-sweet chocolate chips 4 ounces unsweetened chocolate (chopped) 1/2 cup butter cut …

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It’s Tomorrow!

The Christmas Marketplace at Roselawn Centre is being held tomorrow. Of all the pieces of vintagy, grungy, shabby chic items I've made for the sale, my top three favourites are: the (tattered, torn, and stained) stockings,   the gift tags, that could be the gift   and the decorative, altered clocks. It has been tremendous …

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A Colourful Transition

The wetter than normal spring and early summer that we enjoyed rewarded our garden with plentiful and beautiful hydrangea blooms. Over the course of the season the blooms changed colour  from brilliant blues to mauve to pinkish -green. Although I hate to cut any flowers, I know that the hydrangea bloom's beauty can continue for …

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