Labour Day

A few weeks ago as I was driving home, I encountered road construction and was signalled to stop to allow oncoming traffic to pass. It was one of those all too frequent sweltering days that we’ve suffered with this summer. As I waited for my turn to drive on, I thought about the people who were working on the road and having to do their job under the blistering sun and enduring the horrid asphalt smells.  I couldn’t help but think how glad I was that it wasn’t my job.

On reflection, there are so many jobs that are quite demanding and dangerous that I couldn’t do and wouldn’t want to do. But I, for one, am glad that there are people willing to do them. On this Labour Day it is worth a moment to thank all of them for making lives better and easier for us: fire-fighters, road crews, letter carriers, high-rise window washers, steel workers, miners, farm workers and … the list is long.