Best Victorian Home-Keeper Practices For The Modern Woman

An interesting look into a by-gone era.

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Debutantes did not do dishes.

They were taught piano and guided in the art of flirtation. However, once married, they realized their inadequacies. How, in fact, did one manage a household?

“Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management” became an acclaimed necessity, answering all of their questions.

And her insight holds to this day. 

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Preston Woodall House

Recently,  we flew to North Carolina to attend a family wedding, which was held in an historic Benson house. This Queen Anne style house was built in 1910 for a local merchant and  politician Preston Woodall. Over the years, the original house has seen several additions and has served as a bed and breakfast until …

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How To Decorate Your Home Like A True Victorian

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It was lavish or nothing at all.

Interior design of the Victorian Era required grandeur. An ambition to which they reached through displaying each and every furnishing. Opulence began in the rug design to the fringed valance.

Discover how to incorporate 19th century home decor in your home.

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