Love It…or Leave It

Fruit cake, also known as Christmas cake, or Sugar Plum Cake, is one of the traditions I grew up with and have held on to. I love Christmas cake. Hubby doesn’t, so most of the Christmas cake I bake each year is given away to those friends and family who enjoy it as well.

My mother’s recipe followed her to the grave, so I was on my own, looking for the perfect concoction. The first recipe I tried included sweetened condensed milk and corn flake crumbs, and refrigeration. Disaster. A few years and experiments later, I stumbled upon a recipe for “Sugar Plum Cake”. It is, for me, the perfect combination of candied and dried fruits, nuts, spices and alcohol.


Every year since finding this recipe, I mix up a batch or two about 8 weeks before Christmas. Like fine wine, or cheese, it improves with age.

christmas_cake-2-1-of-1  christmas_cake-3-1-of-1

So, what about you? Are you a lover, or a leaver?


14 thoughts on “Love It…or Leave It

  1. I love fruitcake. I’m always on the lookout for a good recipe for it! When I was a kid in pretended to hate it like the rest of the kids but then I’d go back and eat it when no one was looking. 🙂 You’ve got some fun pictures! And i love your blog!

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