The Countdown

There are two Advent Calendars in our house. One is a “special treat” calendar for our four-legged children. Every day from the first of December, with greatly exaggerated enthusiasm, one of us asks “What day is it today?” Both dogs run over to where their calendar is hung,  tails wagging in anticipation.  Then we exclaim “It’s ten (or whatever the day is) today!” as  the corresponding drawer on the calendar is opened. Both dogs sit and gently take their special treat.(Milk Bone dog vitamins.)


The second calendar is one I made and painted years ago, inspired by one I saw in a painting magazine. It is hung by the kitchen sink and is supposed to keep me on-track in getting ready for Christmas.


With only two weeks left, I found myself in a super-cleaning-tidying-rearranging-mode this morning. Or, maybe it was too much caffeine!



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