Every Day…

should be “Earth Day”.IMG_0774-globe

However, since there are those who don’t seem to agree, I make it the day to gather the litter that has been tossed into the ditches along our road.  For this “Earth Day” project, I got out the “grabber” tool and  the wheel barrow , and put on my rubberized garden gloves and waterproof boots. The road from Ivy Cottage to the end is approximately one kilometre long and it took the better part of the afternoon to pick up all the litter. (It was a beautiful day to be outside).

This is what I picked up: (not pretty!)recycle,reduce,reuse-8

I suppose the most discouraging thing is that most of the debris is recyclable or “returnable for refund”. We sorted those items from the garbage and filled two blue boxes:


Did you have a special “Earth Day” project?

5 thoughts on “Every Day…

  1. Al

    Good for you to do this and more amazing I I know it is something you do every year. ( And have been for quite a while )

    Excellent pictures…honest !……that go well with some tight prose.

  2. Pam

    People really are disgustingly disrespectful of the environment and the life forms that can be harmed or killed by their careless (or spiteful?) littering. Why don’t they get that there is no plan(et) B? I just hope you returned all the beer and liquor empties to the beer store. You could donate the money or use it in an environmentally friendly way,. If not refunded, the government keeps these deposits, and you know they won’t use the money for good.

  3. Pam

    And of course, congratulations and thank you for doing this. More people should follow your lead. It’s good for the planet and your Karma.

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