Attic Sister

We all collect things.  No you say? YES, I say.  Everyone collects something.  We all hold onto what is near and dear to our hearts in hopes of staying connected to a person, place or thing that brought us some type of happiness so we can relive that happy time.
20171017_110904.jpgFrom my experience selling antiques for the past thirty years I can whole heartedly say, I believe Baby Boomers are the best, most prolific collectors on the planet.  It began with their parents who were born during the depression.  They learned at an early age to value things that had more life left in them.  Having lived through the depression and WWII these parents of the baby boomers knew how recycle, re-use and to give something another life, knew the value of hanging on to something that may be needed in the future and knew that sometime, that item might…

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Hello Autumn

This is likely the busiest season, with all the outdoor preparations  for winter: storm windows up, raking leaves, final weeding, mulching plants, storing garden tools, picking apples and pumpkins. Although we had a bumper crop of apples from our six trees, we only had one pumpkin! In addition to all the outdoor activities I have …

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Goodbye, Summer, Goodbye

After having a relatively normal summer, weather -wise, followed by a delicious autumn tease the first week and half of September, summer roared back with a vengeance. This  uncomfortably hot, increasingly humid, and drought-like weather caught me off-guard. I had already washed and stored away all of our summer shorts and tee-shirts; I couldn't help …

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The Missing Monarch

Not that many years ago, we saw so many Monarch butterflies at this time of year that we were oblivious to their presence. This year, sadly the numbers have declined so much that I could probably count on one hand the number I've seen. This alarming decline is attributed to several factors, including loss of …

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Back To School

Students returning to school for another year were the inspiration behind my most recent mixed media collage. For the background,  I covered a 30cm canvas with layers of gesso, texture paste and paint. When it was completely dry, it was time for the fun part: putting the collage together. Looking through the Tim Holtz deck …

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Best Victorian Home-Keeper Practices For The Modern Woman

An interesting look into a by-gone era.

Victorian Trading Co. | The Official Blog

Debutantes did not do dishes.

They were taught piano and guided in the art of flirtation. However, once married, they realized their inadequacies. How, in fact, did one manage a household?

“Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management” became an acclaimed necessity, answering all of their questions.

And her insight holds to this day. 

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Preston Woodall House

Recently,  we flew to North Carolina to attend a family wedding, which was held in an historic Benson house. This Queen Anne style house was built in 1910 for a local merchant and  politician Preston Woodall. Over the years, the original house has seen several additions and has served as a bed and breakfast until …

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