A Rite of Spring

Way back, when those lovely spring days seemed to last forever, one simple pleasure in our garden was to pull out a stalk or two of this beautiful vegetable, called rhubarb. We'd dip its end in a handful of sugar and munch away enjoying the lovely combination of tart, sweet and crunch. I suppose it is this nostalgic fondness … Continue reading A Rite of Spring

Spring Decorating

We have had record amounts of rainfall so far this spring, and cool temperatures. Together these have given us the most beautiful burst of spring flowers ever. Scilla and wild violets were first, followed a few weeks ago by daffodils. I took photos of some over a week ago: The daffodils are mostly done but not before a … Continue reading Spring Decorating

Faded, Tattered and Stained*

Blue denim jeans have a long life. Brand new, they get worn about town.  After awhile, showing some fading and fraying, those jeans don't feel quite presentable enough to wear in public. However they are so comfortable they get worn around the house to do chores such as gardening,  painting, or binge-watching television. Eventually rips and tears happen. Those beloved jeans … Continue reading Faded, Tattered and Stained*