Difficult Words

Beginning last weekend when I had every intention to post a blog entry, our lives were upset. Our beloved Bella began to show signs of distress caused by a heart murmur. This had  been diagnosed a year ago and  she was receiving medications twice a day. We changed our plans to ensure that we made each remaining moment for her as lovely as possible, including a car ride to a nearby ice-cream stand, and lots and lots of cuddle times.

Bella became a member of our family eleven years ago when I found her for sale on kijiji. I was immediately drawn to her beautiful eyes and said to MDH that we had to rescue her.


After five days of ups and downs we knew it was time to do the humane thing and take her for that last, dreaded car ride to the veterinarian. Unfortunately this task was left to MDH because I had to be at work. He assured me that Bella behaved more bravely than he did.

At this time I will share two significant quotes:



from my collection:


Dedicated to Bella -forever in our hearts.


12 thoughts on “Difficult Words

  1. Kathy McNamara

    Sorry about your dog – we have made that dreaded car trip twice with our dogs (one each due to work commitments out of town etc.) – she will be missed

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