Preston Woodall House

Recently,  we flew to North Carolina to attend a family wedding, which was held in an historic Benson house. This Queen Anne style house was built in 1910 for a local merchant and  politician Preston Woodall. Over the years, the original house has seen several additions and has served as a bed and breakfast until recently. Now it serves as a popular venue for conventions and weddings.




The interior was predominated by dark colours – crimson and gilt- strongly influenced by the movie set of “Gone With the Wind”.


The fourteen foot high ceilings were dripping with crystal chandeliers:


My favourite room had to be this one, dominated by a player grand piano, and floor-to -ceiling windows:


The wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful garden. Fortunately the weather cooperated.


In summary, the Preston Woodall House was a perfect location to host the wedding of a beautiful bride and her handsome groom.






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