June Garden

Flowers have bloomed and faded away over the course of June. Early in the month, our wisteria actually bloomed for the second time in sixteen years. flowers-1

Unfortunately, its flowers were all at the bottom of the plant!

Irises bloomed profusely. They will need to be divided next spring.

This Columbine had been growing wild along the road last year until I rescued it. The town insists on  mowing down all the wildflowers which grow beside the road and make walking such a pleasure.



Bachelors buttons and bridal wreath spirea came into bloom at the same time as the irises.


I’m not sure whether chives are grown for their flowers, but I do like them.flowers-6

Encouraged by the success I had with the two rose bushes I planted in 2015, I splurged and added two more plants this spring:

The purple one is a floribunda and the pink one is a David Austen.  It is thrilling to see their first flowers.

Coinciding with the first day of summer,  hollyhocks behind the house began to bloom.


The lavender flowers are ready to be harvested and dried.


I love hydrangeas and have several plants. I try to encourage the flowers to turn blue by adding aluminum sulphate to the soil at the base.  It appears that this plant needs a little more.



Finally, after all the digging, lifting, planting, watering, and weeding, we can take a break  and enjoy the garden.







6 thoughts on “June Garden

  1. Gorgeous flowers, as always!
    Have you tried watering your hydrangeas with coffee? Or mixing in old coffee grounds into the top layer of the soil around the plants? That helps change the ph of the soil to a more acid soil, which will encourage the plant to produce the blue flowers.

  2. Al

    The pictures are excellent. Short dialogue to accompany. Impressed with your knowledge. Think people who view this will be eager to see/read next offering. Feel,pleased !

    1. I am definitely going to try that. Funny thing I noticed with the hydrangeas yesterday is how much more intense than colour has gotten in the past day or so. Maybe I was a little impatient? 🙂

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