We have had record amounts of rainfall so far this spring, and cool temperatures. Together these have given us the most beautiful burst of spring flowers ever. Scilla and wild violets were first, followed a few weeks ago by daffodils. I took photos of some over a week ago:

spring flowers-3

The daffodils are mostly done but not before a profusion of forget-me-nots appeared in the background! (I wonder where those came from since we didn’t plant them!) The tulips which began to flower a week later are still looking lovely, thanks to daily temperatures around 10 degrees celsius.:spring flowers-1-2

It was surprising to see the flowers on our two ancient lilac bushes come into bloom  last week , as it seems a bit earlier than usual. It might be my imagination, but there appears to be many more blooms than in other years, too. Their fragrance is so sweet, I love burying my nose into a bunch of them to take it all in.

spring flowers-1
Not the best picture, but I wanted to include the chickadee.

There are so many lilacs this year, I don’t mind cutting a few:spring flowers-5

Our old apple trees are just beginning to blossom now, but I worry  with the  lack of bees whether they will be pollinated:

spring flowers-2
The birds have found this tree, but will the bees?

I have placed a “spring wreath” on the front door:spring flowers-4

I guess I can do my part to help Mother Nature with the spring decorating.