A few days before leaving for Ireland, DS dropped in for a cup of tea and conversation. At the time, I was in  the middle of preparing the canvas for my St. Patrick’s Day mixed media effort. DS expressed a strong interest in learning this art form, so I eagerly volunteered to teach her some techniques – once I returned from Ireland.

On Wednesday,  we were finally able to get together for a day of mixed media fun and mayhem. Early in the day I brought out various materials and tools that could be useful in the process. These were spread out on the kitchen island that was covered with a plastic sheet.

We began the process by applying gesso to the canvases. While they were drying, selected photos were manually altered using sandpaper and  watercolour paint. Then layers of colour and texture were applied to the canvases using acrylic paints, Gelatos, inks, stencils, rubber stamps, tissue paper and cheese cloth. Once the photos and other ephemera were glued in place, the finishing touches were added.

Seven hours, and many laughs, later DS had completed two canvases, one to keep and one to give as a birthday gift.

Mixed Media on canvas 17.5 X 12.5 cm
Mixed media on canvas 26.5 X 20 cm

It was such a pleasure for me to work with an enthusiastic and very creative person that DS is.

Guess what? We are going to have another session this week!

(Incidentally, I didn’t complete either of my canvases until a day later. :-))