A Teacup’s Tale


Many years ago, when I was a poor, struggling student, I bought my first bone china teacup and saucer at a sidewalk sale. I did feel some guilt about spending the $2 to purchase it, because I was living on a $10 a week budget. (I did say this was many years ago.)

A summer or two later I had a summer job as a clerk in a  “china shop”. Tourists flocked into the shop and  spent hundreds of dollars buying Lladro, Royal Doulton, and Hummel figurines. Those held little interest for me, but I loved the bone china teacups with their pretty florals, delicacy and translucence. Over the course of that summer, I added four sets to the first. Now I had  a cup and saucer “collection”, as defined by my friend who  told me that once you have three of something, it is a “collection”.

Over the decades that followed a few more cups and saucers were added, mostly as gifts. These lovely teacups spent most of the time hidden away in a cupboard so that I didn’t have to dust them. However, I always brought out a couple to serve tea whenever my MIL (mother-in-law) visited.

That all changed just a few years ago. I was browsing through a charity thrift shop and saw quite a number of bone china cups and saucers in their inventory. It saddened me that these beautiful cups and saucers had been basically discarded, not wanted. As soon as I returned home, I pulled my teacups  from the cupboard and set them out on the sideboard where their beauty could be appreciated. I have discovered that keeping them dusted is quite a joy, too: I use different one each day.

I still have that first cup and saucer, too, although it has been re-purposed.

To be continued…














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