A Little Gift Idea

Years ago, for our first Christmas in our first house we bought a 4 foot tall Balsam fir from a local service club. The tree stood proudly on a side table in front of a window in our living room. I was determined to make most of the decorations: paper doily angels, gingerbread men, popcorn and cranberry garlands, and “strawberries” from walnut shells.

The hardest part of making these “strawberry” ornaments was cracking the walnuts so that the shells split evenly along the division.


Form a hanger by knotting a loop of string, then place it at the top of one shell half. Using a good craft glue such as Beacon 3-in-1, cement the two halves together.

When the glue has dried, paint the walnut red. After the paint has dried,  dip the end of a toothpick into white paint  and paint “seeds” on  your “strawberry”.

Next, cut a 4-5 inch length a green ribbon. Squeeze a dab of anchoring glue in the middle of the ribbon and tie it around the hanging loop at the top of the “strawberry”. Use a little more glue to secure the ribbon ends to the “strawberry”, creating the cap.

Done! An easy craft that children could help you make.

Instead of being a tree decoration, this “strawberry” could be tied onto a wrapped gift. Perhaps a jar of home-made strawberry jam?  A quick gift for your child’s teacher, or that elderly friend or relative, who has “everything”.



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