Christmas – Getting Ready

I love Christmas! It really is the highlight of my year. Because I start decorating early, I use an artificial tree. A pre-lit one. With the excitement of a child, I dragged the tree up from the cellar, shook it out of the box, set it up on the old wooden crate, and plugged in the light cord. Dismay! Most of the lights did not light up! After spending a few frustrated moments checking that all the cords were connected, rummaging through the branches to the trunk of the tree, I decided to pull off all the (gazillion) strings of mini lights and replace them.  Not so easy to do: 6 hours later, (and 2 scratched arms) I managed to un-entwine the errant lights from the tree branches.


Next day, I went to Canadian Tire and bought 5 boxes of  35 LED mini lights. Bonus: they were on sale!

With great excitement, I looped them around the tree (I’ll never wind wires around branches after this experience) and saw how pretty they looked. Decorations followed: silver and gold baubles and red cardinals.


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